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Jaye CardenJaye Carden is a leader of a growing network of entrepreneurs. He teaches his team and other teams throughout the companies he is distributing for. His blog “Marketing Online and Offline” is another way his team, and others, can read about new information to help them sharpen their own skills in the industry.
Jaye Carden has been top top recruiter many times in his network of professionals. He has also managed to set new records in a 22 year history with his network. He holds a very loyal team.

Jaye’s Blog

  • Pat Campbell

    Landing on your blog to a product promo kind of through me off. I found the font to be a little small for easy reading. Interesting how you have your SM tabs in your nav bar

  • Ruthida Namubiru

    Loved reading your mlm success tips at your blog Jaye! Your blog is neat to and easy to navigate. Best of success!

  • Jaye Carden

    Thanks a lot! Yes the product promo was the first ever! There is a reason behind it, and it will be the only one. It is to connect with another blog project I am doing. But I will keep posting the marketing strategies and tips I use on my webinars with my team. Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated.

  • Larry Ward

    Jaye, your tips help a lot, as do your videos. So nice to have help like yours as I get started.

  • Lorie Foster

    Jaye-I so appreciate your wisdom and that you are so generous with sharing it w/others who desire to learn. I always look forward to reading your Blog. Have a productive day-Lorie

  • Shari Durgan

    Really good information, Jaye – thanks.

  • Grant Sweet

    Jaye, If it were not for your outstanding support and encouragement I most likely would be out of the MLM
    business. You are a great teacher.

  • Jonica Traylor

    Good Luck!

  • Ouri Lifshitz

    Great job Jaye. thank you for your leadership!

  • Dan McHone

    I’m already learning a lot from you Jaye. I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions and offer advice!

  • Glenda Baker

    Great job, Jaye. It has been fun working with you.

  • Pam Miller

    Hey, great to know you, Jaye! And I’m already learning from you, too!!

  • Larry Ward

    Hey Jaye, is there is there any limit to you MLM ‘Tip Bank’? You are very generous; must be the Season for Giving?

  • Quinton ‘dave OConnor

    I have had an excellent experience with Jaye. This man is friendly and professional!

  • Colin Leitch

    Hi Jaye,Told you I’d get here. Looking forward to the Future.

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com/ Alecia Stringer

    Great tips and steps you lay out Jaye. Always sharing value where it’s needed most.

  • http://www.ibosocial.com/BKE219 Brandy Evans

    Voted this for you!

    • http://www.ibosocial.com/BKE219 Brandy Evans

      Great Blog! Thank you!

  • Kathy Sekeres

    Thanks for all the wisdom Jaye! You have been a great inspiration. Looking forward to an awesome 2014!

  • G. L. Giddings

    Jaye is a great guy who has a lot to offer with his knowledge of online marketing. Wish you much success in 2014!

  • jed

    Voted and Good Luck Jaye! – Jed

  • Ced Reynolds

    Jaye, I had a chance to review your material. Very good sir. Continued success to you as you help your readers become better students and professionals.