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We are proud to announce the official Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2012, brought to you this year by My Lead System Pro.

92 fierce contestants generated 4465 votes in total. With the Top 50 MLM Blogs contest running the fourth consecutive year, this brings the total contestants to 626 and 18,923 votes clocked in to date!

As always, the contest delivered extreme excitement, suspense and competition all in the name of gratitude and appreciation for our industry’s hard working bloggers.

And for the first time round, this year we had more than $7,000 worth or prizes sponsored by Ray Higdon, Natasha Nassar Hazlett, Frank J. Marino, Mark Harbert, Roxana Hannah and George Fourie.

Here are the official winners for 2012’s Top 50 MLM Blogs contest

The Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2012

#1  Cesar L. Rodriguez

Cesar L. RodriquezCesar L. Rodriguez is an 11yr Direct Sales & MLM Veteran. This past year he was voted the #2 Speaker at the No Excuses Summit 3 by attendees & his hard hitting no-nonsense no-fluff content delivery style, along with his constant comedic jokes & banter make him one of the most entertaining leaders in our industry to follow. His blog is jam packed with more FREE video trainings than almost any leader today & his Newest Prospecting & Closing Course that he gives away to his blog visitors is INSANE!

#2  Jane Orlov

Jane OrlovRussian born, used to feel like unworthy, stupid, overweight housewife with no purpose, then transformed into self-confident, fast growing internet/network marketer, hanging with LEADERS … “Hot chick – Russian Firecracker” with BIG goals….All that using videos as a medium plus some marketing tricks! I can help you do the same.

#3  Mavis Nong

Mavis NongMavis Nong created her blog to help others build successful businesses online. She shares fundamental, effective and cutting-edge strategies and tips they can implement right away to grow their businesses. She also shares mind-blowing blogging tips to help others build amazing and money making blogs fast! Mavis went from knowing nothing about blogging to becoming a highly sought after blogging expert, raking in the cash using her very own blog, in less than 8 months.

#4  Lena Bjorna

Lena BjornaLena Bjorna is a top industry earner, coach, speaker, multiple award winning marketer, and creator of several information products for network marketers. One of her great strengths lies in her ability to build trust and credibility with prospects online. Later this month she can also be seen on national TV, on a new inspirational ABC Television show titled “The Ripple Effect”, where she will be interviewed on how to build a successful online home business using social media, video and blogging.

#5  Richard Matharoo

Richard MatharooRichard is a previously stressed out Dad, husband & rat race worker hit hard by the recession. He’d given way too much into a life of pressure, long working hours and missing out…he looked for and found a solution. In his first 5 months in MLM he earned £14377, a place on the MLSP leader board & became his company’s 5th best recruiter, all with no previous experience. Now full time in MLM his blog is packed full of useful content on exactly how real people can go from MLM Zero’s to Hero’s.

#6  Marquell Russell

Marquel Russell“Your Favorite Entrepreneur’s Favorite Entrepreneur,” Marquel Russell, Creator of “Infinite Success University”, is a Prosperity Mindset Trainer & Home Biz Development Consultant that’s international known for his “Str8 Up, No Chaser” Marketing & Wealth Creation Training that he provides on a Daily Basis!

Marquel’s Mission is to help 100,000 people make their first $100 in business, 10,000 People Fire Their Boss, 1,000 People Become 6 Figure Earners & 100 People Become Millionaires by Dec. 2015

#7  Marc Korn

Marc KornMarc is a Continuous Learning Advocate who understands the critical importance of Personal Development and MasterMinding.
Marc is all about adding value for his readers and offers quality content in many areas and disciplines of self improvement.
On Marc’s blog, you will always find empowering videos by Personal Development Leaders, such as Brian Tracy along with many FREE, valuable gifts.

Marc is proud of his 5th place finish in the 2011 Top 50 MLM Blog Contest.

Visit NOW and visit OFTEN!

#8  Stacia Hopkins

Stacia HopkinsStacia Hopkins is the founder of and creator of The Beginner’s Guide To Video Marketing. Readers of her blog love her easy-to-understand tutorials centered around marketing with video. She has been featured several times in Magnetic Sponsoring’s “What’s Working Now Magazine,” has trained at industry live events and her blog ranked #18 in the 2011 Top 50 MLM Blogs. She lives in Boise, Idaho, loves lacrosse and plays the viola.

#9  Aurore Jones

Aurore JonesAurore Jones is an online network marketer who lives in the UK with her son and husband. She helps network marketers worldwide to have success with their home based business and provide top quality support to struggling network marketers. Watch the video testimonials on her blog to see how people have transformed their business through her blog. Aurore Jones recently won the second place of the Traffic Playbook referral contest and is also on the MLSP Leader Board with Top MLM Leaders.

#10  Marsha Godwin

Marsha GodwinMarsha Godwin started to teach other network marketers how to move their MLM Online. After becoming tired of chasing friends and family members and attending numerous hotel meetings, Marsha turned to the internet and Attraction Marketing. Once she saw the power of blogging she became committed to learning how to build a successful business online and to teach others how to do the same! Today she is a blogger, coach, product creator & trainer for one of the industry leaders.

#11  Hale Pringle

Hale PringleDr. Hale is a real giver and an educator at heart. He is on-line every day providing answers to several groups that are insightful, sometime technical and always gentle. He has been to Webinars and live events with virtually every major leader in the Internet Marketing community. Based on this training, his education and his many years in the computer industry he is uniquely qualified to help and train. From the leaders he worked with he selected Ann Sieg as his mentor and coach.

#12  Raena Lynn

Raena LynnRaena Lynn is a professional teacher and coach who switched to becoming a online entrepreneur. People are flooding to the internet to find ways to make money online. It isn’t a get quick rich scheme. It takes hard work, dedication, and a “never give up” attitude. She has learned the ropes and knows how to generate an online income and has has cracked the code for success. She teaches the skill sets needed to be successful in Network Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Development.

#13  Hezi Hershkovitz

Hezi HershkovitzHezi Hershkovitz’s Blog is a your source for a real no fluff guide to how to get the success that you desire with the power of online marketing. Entrepreneurs want to make their online marketing work but the techy stuff gives them nightmares. With less than 2 years in the industry, Hezi created team of over 10,000 people in his MLM business using the internet, so his blog where he share his experience, tips and tricks should be your number one stop if you are looking for a business breakthrough.

#14  Viola Tam

Viola TamViola The Business Mum is a stay-at-home mum turned entrepreneur. Having struggled for over a year before she sponsored the first distributor, she can relate to the frustration facing many network marketers. Now that Viola has mastered the skills in doing network marketing the professional way, she is on a mission to empowering others! Proven Success Blueprints and a Success Mindset are crucial. Yet a burning desire for success is the fuel for charging ahead. Success is easy and predictable.

#15  April Marie Tucker

April Marie TuckerApril Marie Tucker’s ~ Online Network Marketing Training Blog is chocked full of training for Online Network Marketing. Which is why in 2011 was voted to be the 6th most popular blog in the “Top 50 MLM Blogs” contest and you can find April Marie herself in the Online Marketers Hall of Fame. At you can find step by step training on Blogging, Social Media, List Building, Lead Generation, and more. It is a great place to find information to excel online.

#16  Beth Hewitt

Beth HewittBeth Hewitt has been blogging since 2009. She is passionate about blogging, personal development, marketing and helping others succeed. In 2012 Beth founded the Simple Blogging Network because she was tired of seeing intelligent, talented bloggers getting disillusioned and frustrated because they never made a dime online. Beth’s aim is to cut down the learning curve for bloggers new and old, simplifying all aspects of blogging and helping great bloggers get the recognition they deserve.

#17  Jaime Cruz

Jaime CruzJaime Cruz Successful Online Entrepreneur was recognized 5 times in a row in 2011 to be the #1 wireless top performer by One of the Largest Wireless Carriers In USA. A key element in his approach to life and business, is that you have to made the decision to Break the barriers of Fear before you can move forward into the new. This was the approach that lead Jaime to escape from Corporate America and never look back.


 #18 Ruthida Namubiru

Ruthida NamubiruRuthida Namubiru has been an online business and marketing coach for almost 2 years. Her first blog was actually a beauty blogger blog and when she got involved into network marketing, she started as a one-stop center for any network marketer or online business owner to relax and be assured they are receiving all the up-to-date information they need to succeed in their business; and that is why it is called a Success Lounge. Welcome for your VIP training and more!

#19 Eryn McCormick

Eryn McCormickEryn McCormick believes that women are going to play an important role in turning our economy around. She wanted to ignite a revolution of women home business entrepreneurs, so she launched to educate people on how to leverage the internet to attract more people into their home business. Eryn has a “No ick, no schtick” policy…no hype, just help. Her communication style is fun & engaging, designed to help women see they can be successful & profitable home business owners.


#20 Troy Dooly

Troy DoolyTroy Dooly is recognized internationally as a thought influencer in inside the network marketing aka MLM community.

Those who seek out his counsel include start-up companies, multi-faceted public companies, billion dollar private companies, international marketing organizations and well-respected field organizations.

Dooly is a highly sought after mentor, speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.


#21 Michelle & Bill Pescosolido

Michelle and Bill PescosolidoMichelle & Bill Pescosolido offer Internet marketing and network marketing training on a daily basis. They both are the top recruiters on their network marketing company with an expertise in Facebook marketing & prospecting/closing.


#22  Angela Brooks

Angela BrooksAngela Brooks is a mental health nurse educator who has worked in a state funded mental hospital for the last 23 years. She is a mom of two busy boys who are very active in sports and travel baseball and married to an amazing man. She uses a social media junky that runs her business from her smart phone, ipad and blog. She was a burnt out nurse who wanted out of nursing but instead learned how transition from nursing with business and social media.


#23  Saqib Khan

Saqib KhanSaqib Khan is a committed marketer who has been blogging consistently for the last 16 months. He strongly believes in helping others by offering solid value and simple but effective solutions to all business problems. Want to know how to get leads? Check out Saqib’s blog. Want to know how to get results using video? Check out Saqib’s blog. Want to know how to succeed? Check out Saqib’s blog. His blog has unique and creative information on a wide range of topics aimed to help everybody succeed.


#24  Sonny Lanorias

Sonny LanoriasSonny Lanorias is an Internet entrepreneur, also a Member of the Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010 and 2011 and a Work At Home Dad who lives in Davao City, Philippines with his wife, Nora and daughter, Nicole. He has been consistently making money from home since 2008 and is considered by many as the # 1 internet entrepreneur in Davao City Philippines. He has generated thousands of leads on the Internet by using free and low cost methods and loves to teach and train others to match his online success.


#25  Jared Hager

Jared HagerJared Hager is a stay at home dad that discovered the internet as a marketing medium for his business and has not looked back since. Between taking his kids to the bus stop, preschool and dance class he finds time to market his business and shows others how it is possible for them to find time also no matter what there situation is. Jared gives many helpful tips on getting started and finding success for yourself and your business online.


#26  Ray Dietrich and Kevin Sandridge

Ray Dietrich and Kevin SandridgeRay Dietrich and Kevin Sandridge are one heck of a team. Excelling in social media marketing – specifically on Facebook – Ray Dietrich has a proven and statistically documented track record of blowing up MLM Leaders online to levels they’d not previously been able to achieve. Kevin Sandridge has been blogging for profit for the past four years in various niches. A professional educator, Kevin trains and empowers those new to blogging to the point where they become fearless.


#27  Alecia Stringer

Alecia StringerAlecia Stringer is an Online Lead Generation Expert that helps entrepreneurs create their success dream online. She is an Internet marketing pro, SEO Video Mastermind, A dedicated Christian wife, mother, piano and voice teacher, Kindermusik Educator, and network marketing coach. Amazing how well she multi-tasks!


#28 Michelle Geyer

Michelle GeyerMomma Means Business provides no-nonsense, “tell it like it is” information to help moms succeed in home business. Michelle will only share things that she knows work – because they have worked for her personally. You will find lots of lists that walk you through what you need to know or do (because you need to feel like you accomplished something today – even if it was brush your teeth!). Best of all, Michelle won’t bat an eye if the only writing utensil you can find is a crayon! Moms Rock!


#29 Rochelle Griffin

Rochelle GriffinRochelle Griffin has used her straight-forward, yet kind-hearted approach to help hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds over the past 5 years as a health and fitness coach. As a result, her clients live better, feel younger, and often discover a new self-confidence. She is passionate about serving others. As a WAHM & wife of 21 yrs who lost 35 lbs, Rochelle left her nursing career & built a 6-figure biz online! She is a speaker teaching fitness, nutrition, & personal growth.


#30 Martin Dale

Martin DaleMartin Dale helps local companies who are struggling with their online marketing by implementing proven strategies to help them get fresh leads and make more sales. As a teacher he loves to blog, and has authored a few eBooks. and like one of his clients said, “Martin always gives more than you ask.” When reading his blog, eBooks, or watching his video training and tutorials, you will feel like you are ripping him off. “Go ahead,” Martin says, “I love to teach, and that’s what it’s there for.”


#31 Clint Butler

Clint ButlerClint Butler is a retired U.S. Army veteran who has just gone full time with marketing online. Through the use of search engine optimization, social media, and video marketing he certainly has made a lot of mistakes. But the best part about this blog is that all those mistakes are your gain. He outlines several different topics marketers might need to know. So his losses are clearly your gain because he outlines complex issues effecting marketers today in plain english to implement today.


#32 Emmanuel Adegbola

Emmanuel AdegbolaEmmanuel Adegbola is one of the rising Stars in online MLM and Network Marketing Arena that believes in doing MLM the right way without any of those “old school” methods. He is an advocate of Attraction Marketing, A leading Leader, Action Taker, good Listener and above it all, Emmanuel Adegbola believes that everyone deserves to have it all. He believes that TRAFFIC equals FREEDOM when it comes to MLM and Network Marketing. He was recently recognized as the MLSP Dec 2112 member of the month .


#33 Getzie R. Lamar

Getzie R. LamarGetzie Lamar is a social media network marketer, who’s passion is to encourage people to use their God-given talents to start home based businesses that create generational wealth. She believes in building MLM through the power of attraction marketing online and offline by first creating value in the marketplace that in turn will attract financial rewards. Her knowledge and expertise are a valuable asset to both beginning and experienced network marketers alike.


#34 Melodie Kantner

Melodie KantnerMelodie Kantner is a successful full time network marketer with over 17 years of experience in the industry, 15 of those years have been with one company. Melodie is publisher of Esteem Power Newsletter and the author of EFT For Network Marketers. She helps people build self-esteem, activate the Law of Attraction and release the emotional blocks that are holding them back from success in network marketing.


#35 Ruth Narveson

Ruth NarversonRuth Narveson is a 31 year veteran of the network marketing industry. She believes in the MLM model as a way to build an additional stream of income but has a passion to teach network marketers the real truth about the MLM business model and how build a business that is branded to them instead of their MLM company while using the power of online marketing.


#36 Viviana Andrew

Viviana AndrewViviana Andrew promotes network marketing in Asia. The integration of internet marketing into network marketing business is still something new in Asia. Many hold a negative perception about MLM. She is willing to change their belief and mindset. She views that her journey in network marketing as a personal growth. Her forte is attraction marketing and coaching. Know thyself is the key factor in attraction marketing. She would appreciate if you could leave a comment and vote her blog.


#37 Colette Morris

Colette MorrisColette Morris’ Online Marketing Mastery blog is full of tips and advice to help other home business owners and network marketers zig-zag their way through the complications of the marketing and making money on the internet. Colette is an experienced blogger, and her articles have appeared in Better Networker, where they have been regularly featured and sent out to over 100,000 readers, she is also a Platinum Author on Ezine and a Diamond Author on Evan


#38 Traci Reuter

Traci ReuterTraci Reuter’s blog covers different strategies to build your internet marketing &network marketing business through attraction marketing. Featuring videos, trainings, tips and ninja strategies to help you navigate your way to success. Traci Reuter is authentic, raw and passionate teacher, trainer &leader whose main mission is to encourage and equip you to experience massive success in your business. Traci has been personally mentored by top leaders and is passing on that wisdom on to you.


#39 Jerry Chen

Jerry ChenJerry Chen is one of the few who mastered both online and offline marketing in the industry. As a marketer, consultant and friend to many in the industry Jerry brings exceptional value and track record to the table. Overcoming challenges isn’t new to him as he went from a broke, 16 year-old immigrant speaking 1st grade English to network marketing superstar in just a few short years. His blog Build A Magnetic Network is one of a kind combining leadership, marketing and exclusive interviews.


#40 Larry & Laura Morris

Larry and Laura MorrisLarry & Laura Morris have been top industry income producers and leaders full time for over 20 years, and show you how to get into profit quickly through very simple proven online strategies that work. They are a product of network marketing, having met in a company in 1999 and became #1 there, and then got married, and built large mlm teams together. This is important to YOU because Larry and Laura know what YOU need to succeed, and can help you. To go to the TOP.. MODEL 2 six figure earner.


#41 Joey McDermott

Joey McDermottJoey McDermott has been involved in the industry for 12 years now and has built multiple companies, and even consulted to help build other companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the sales industry, having over 20 years of sales experience he is teaching how to overcome objections, build relationships, and help you develop the right mindset to be successful in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales. He soon is releasing a cutting edge book and is negotiation deals to do infomercials.


#42  Carol Lamoreaux

Carol LamoreaxCarol Lamoreaux is a software engineer and mother who is helping other working moms to be able to stay at home and make good, sustainable income online. She helps them get set-up online and teaches how to use a blog to generate leads for their MLM opportunity using attraction marketing, and ultimately create income.


#43  Sherman Smith

Sherman SmithSherman Smith has been blogging since 2010. He is passionate in helping other home business owners who are struggling and are looking for answers to grow their businesses. Sherman’s goal is to reveal the overlooked tips and strategies that can help anyone, no matter what type of home business they’re in.


#44  Ken Pickard

Ken PickardKen Pickard is The Network Dad. A freedom fighter, a rebel with a cause. Ken has helped many people transform their lonely ghost town of a blog to a thriving community. He does this by sharing online marketing and blogging tips as well as syndication secrets previously reserved for the classes. His motto is “Your blog does not need to be a ghost town AND you don’t have to learn all this crap on your own.”


#45  Doris Flaiz

Doris FlaizDoris Flaiz is a single mom who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, she was at a point where everyday activities we all tend to take for granted were a painful struggle. With two young kids at the time, giving in was not an option so she decided to take matters into her own hands and by changing her diet and adding exercise, a year later she was medication and pain free. Today she is here to help others in similar situations regain their health and get back to living pain free again.


#46  Nicky Price

Nicky PriceNicky Price was a stifled entrepreneur until after her second child when she finally realised she was never meant to be cooped up in an office.
With a few false starts and a painful transition to online marketing Nicky made it her goal for her blog to be a safe haven from hype and information overload by creating an Internet and Network marketing blog packed full of useful, factual information and proven marketing strategies where she is often known to unleash her sense of humour too.

#47 Charles Rein

Charles ReinCharles Rein is an Expert Technical Recruiter…IF you do Engineering and/or Software, Charles Rein can plot your next career position. Charles Rein has a deep understanding of Business Intelligence, DataWarehousing, Master Data Management, Data Mining, and Analytics. Everything is going to the CLOUD, and I have been in the CLOUDS my whole life. Charles Rein is a Novice to Intermediate Blogger, Attraction Marketer, EmpireAvenue Gamer, and Personal/Professional Brand Consultant.

#48 Tami Gomez

Tami GomezThe author of “The VERGExperiment: 4 Steps to Deliberately Creating the Life You Want” and a Law of Attraction expert, Tami Gomez is considered the authority on abundance attraction.

Using unconventional, yet powerful Law of Attraction methods, Tami discovered how to attract abundance to her and was able to harness that power and then teach it to others. She has helped many people achieve health, wealth and happiness – many of them through her free training.

#49 Jeff Bernert

Jeff BernertJeff Bernert has achieved success in retail management, and in life with his inspirational story. Always driven to better himself and those around him, has jumped into the arena of MLM where he is going to create massive success not only for himself but for many others through teamwork and leadership. Main focus is on mind set, the power of the mind can be an awesome weapon in life. Jeff’s personal experience brings to light how you can overcome an obstacle with the right mind set.

#50 Lori Thayer

Lori ThayerLori Thayer is a software tester who uses her talent for viewing the big picture to find ways to improve an application to everyone’s benefit in daily life. She finds ways to optimize your life. Using small changes that make a big difference she helps others simplify and enrich their life as well as connect with others on a deeper level. Lori’s tips to Beat The Holiday Bah Humbug (published on and her website, were recently featured on the John Tesh show.


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