OFFICIAL: Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2013

Top 50 MLM Blogs 2013Here we go! After 5 consecutive successful years of giving credit to the Top MLM Bloggers of our industry, we are proud to announce the official Top 50 MLM Bloggers for 2013.

And to follow up on the exponential growth going from the Top 50 MLM Blogs of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, we decided to head back to our roots for this years results with one goal in mind:

To deliver a result of 50 MLM Bloggers who truly represent the status of being a top blogger and value provider for our industry. 

This meant making some drastic changes on how we determined the results. The last few years the majority of the results were based purely on votes.

This created a catch 2 scenario:

Great buzz, excitement and boat loads of traffic and publicity for all the bloggers..


Also created an environment where anyone with great support, a big list (or have friends with big lists) could be awarded with being a Top 50 MLM Blogger without having an actual blog that provides consistent value and or receives little to no traffic.

So for 2013, we set out to return back to our roots.

For the Top 50 MLM Blogs of 2013, votes were only intended to count a small margin and all the focus was meant to be placed on the actual blog and value that the blogger provided.

How We Calculated the Results

Initially, the goal was to determine the results by leadership, value, klout score, consistency of content, votes and traffic that the blog receives.

Although Klout Score delivers great social proof of a bloggers authority, we found that the majority of the selected top bloggers were not registered with Klout, so we had to exclude this from the selection.

We used consistency of content, leadership and of course the votes as a way to filter the original list. There were some top bloggers with a great audience from great leaders who could have easily made the selection, but there blogs haven’t been updated for several months.

These were automatically excluded.

So it came down to the one and only indicator that walks the talk for any blogger, which is of course Traffic!

After we filtered through the lists with votes, leadership, consistency of content, we came up with the final results.

The original results together with the Top 50 MLM Blogs badge can be downloaded here.

Now, I know a few bloggers might be upset that we’ve included bloggers who didn’t enter the contest. But having to delete almost half of the links to dead blogs from previous bloggers who simply quit the industry and stopped blogging is frustrating and definitely doesn’t serve the industry in any way.

So sticking to the goal of delivering a Top 50 MLM Blogs list that represents the true leaders in the industry was top priority.

I invite you to visit all these blogs, subscribe to their mailing lists or follow them on social media and send them a message to congratulate them on becoming a Top 50 MLM Blogger for 2013.

Last, but definitely not least, I would like to thank this years 3 independent sponsors, Brian Michael, Eldon Beard and Joshua Fuson who made this years event possible.

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 The Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2013


1. Eric Worre

Eric WorreIn March 2009, Eric Worre created and posted his first video on Since then he has posted over 900 videos that offer generic training for the Network Marketing profession. He has interviewed the top leaders and earners in the profession as well as offered his personal knowledge in the hopes of helping everyone in Network Marketing to become a professional. His videos are viewed all over the world and have had over 73,000 comments posted since the beginning. is the most watched video training site in the Network Marketing profession.

Eric’s Blog

2. Ray Higdon

Ray HigdonRay Higdon creates massive value on his blog & helps network marketers answer the tough questions in a very candid way. Questions such as:
1) How to recruit more people, 2) How to overcome objections, 3) How to get more leads online & 4) How to get more traffic to your website. No matter what company you are in, his blog can help. He is a seven figure a year earner and a sought after speaker.
His blog is ranked around 16,000 worldwide on Alexa and he routinely leaks audios & videos from private events.

Ray’s Blog

3. Lawrence Tam

Lawrence Tam6 Figure Earner Lawrence Tam kicked off his online journey in 2007. Seen as a seasoned Veteran his success didn’t come straight away and it didn’t come easy. When still a ‘newbie’ Lawrence’s online efforts saw him hop from site to site promoting his offers wherever there was a space to comment. He spent on average 5-6 hours doing this and to his distress Lawrence’s efforts got him banned several websites.

Lawrence shocked and disappointed had to go back to the drawing board. He started getting overwhelming pressure from his family.. “Quit this thing and go work harder at your Job!” – But Lawrence knew that a J.O.B (or Just Over Broke) would not let him provide for his family and he has greater aspirations that the average man.

Lawrence’s Blog

4. Rob Fore

Rob ForeIn 1990, due to a few bad decisions, Rob Fore lost everything. His home, business, income and self-respect. He went from hero to homeless in 90 days. Today Rob uses the internet to “Create Wealth on the Fast Track” and invites you to join him on the journey. He teaches a proven 5-step system for generating organic search traffic, leads and sales. He is a top 20 income earner with a team of over 11,000 active MLM distributors worldwide, a certified firewalk instructor, public speaker and coach.

Rob’s Blog

5. Troy Dooly

Troy DoolyTroy Dooly’s constant advocacy for distributors and companies alike has allowed him to become one of the most influential voices in the direct selling industry.

Troy is the News Director of the Home Business Radio Network, with 1 million listeners per month. He is the host of The Beachside CEO Radio Show with 40 Thousands downloads per month, and his MLM News Reports is watched by over 1.7 million people worldwide.

Troy Dooly is the Voice Of Network Marketing!

Troy’s Blog

6. Ann Sieg

Ann SiegAnn is author of some of the most widely read books in the world on how to get new customers and prospects to come to you. Her team helps traditional business owners, home based entrepreneurs and network marketers create a sustainable business model by implementing effective marketing strategies to attract prospects to them. Ann is an Attraction Marketing Author, Trainer, Speaker and Consultant.

Ann’s Blog

7. Jonathan Budd

Jonathan BuddJonathan is a master innovator at using the internet and social media to build a rock solid network marketing business. Thanks to his ‘oneness’ with the power of intention and understanding his abilities to create abundance, Jonathan is one of the top earners in the Network Marketing industry with systems in place that are second to none. Any encounter with Jonathan’s trainings will leave you inspired and energized.

Jonathan’s Blog

8. Nate Leung

Nate LeungNate Leung, owner of is an online entrepreneur who teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how increase their cash flow using basic systems, concepts, & technology to build lifelong passive and residual income. Nate’s site is one of the most high traffic sites on the internet that teaches Internet & Network Marketing, Personal Development, and Social Media. Nate lives every minute of his life filled with purpose and inspires others to pursue their dreams.

Nate’s Blog

9. Michelle and Bill Pescosolido

Michelle and Bill PescosolidoMichelle is an expert trainer and speaker in the field of Facebook marketing. If you are looking for the very best strategies when it comes to marketing your home based business online using Facebook then look no further. This blog provides free Facebook marketing strategies that will teach you how to get more fans, leads, traffic and sales to your business.


Michelle’s Blog

10. Toby and Layla Black

Toby and Layla BlackToby & Layla Black over the past 4 years have not only developed a 7 figure online empire through blogging. They have built a worldwide community of online entrepreneurs dedicated to creating change in this world. You can find all of this power and more on their blog.


Toby’s Blog

11. John Chatman

John ChatmanJohn “Blaze” Chatman started from the very bottom of the networking marketing pile literally having to downgrade his Comcast cable to get started in his opportunity.

From there he has gone on to earn tens of thousands per month and even more importantly train, mentor, and develop others to do the same.

John’s Blog

12. Randy Gage

Randy GageFor more than 20 years, Randy has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. He has been called “the Millionaire Messiah” because he believes that you are meant to be rich, and it is a sin to be poor! A former high school dropout, Randy rose from a dishwasher to become a multi-millionaire. This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the principles he teaches to help empower people to their own prosperity. Today he is recognized as one of the world’s preeminent experts on prosperity. Randy’s blog radiates with his success mindset and prosperity vision.

Randy’s Blog

13. Todd Falcone

Todd FalconeTodd is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer, whose focus is on teaching network marketing and direct sales professionals how to better perform in their businesses. With over 20 years of successful experience in the field of network marketing, Todd knows exactly what it takes to make it in network marketing. His blog is packed with free training and leadership that you can take straight to the bank!

Todd’s Blog

14. Diane Hochman

Diane HochmanDiane Hochman is a 14 year industry veteran who began as a housewife looking for a way to pay off over $40k in credit card debt. She made her first mark in traditional Network Marketing becoming a top producer and trainer and then turned to mail order and direct response to won trips and contests galore while bringing up her two daughters.

In 2005 upon the dawn of social media Diane turned to the internet and become very well known as a top video marketer and promoter and out of that her career in training, speaking and consulting began. A sought after speaker in the areas of social media marketing, attraction marketing and branding…Diane travels around teaching skills to hungry marketers in both North America and Europe while at the same time dominating product launches all over the industry.

Diane’s Blog

15. Lorraine McNulty

Lorraine McNultyThe aim of Lorraine McNulty’s Build A Blog is to help you get the most out of your blog. It contains ‘how-to’ tips and advice on online marketing & the technical aspects of blogging. These include tips on everything from setting up auto-responders to how to make your blog look stylish and stand out from the rest!

Lorraine McNulty has been a web designer for over 20 years & has won multiple awards. The native Brit now calls Canada home. She plays the saxophone, hockey and golf equally badly.

Lorraine’s Blog’s

16. Robert Strong

Robert StrongRobert Strong was a fed up retail store manager that worked 70+ hours a week, kissed his wife good bye on November 1st and told her that he would see her in January! Retail hours are gruesome, he knew that there had to be something else out there!

After searching high and low, and a couple years of tears, frustration and almost giving up he invested in the Pro Blog Academy, and the rest is history….He has been brought up on stage at No Excuses and even by Ray Higdon at Top Earners Academy!

Robert’s Blog

17. Beth Hewitt

Beth HewittBlogging since 2009, Beth Hewitt is passionate about blogging, personal development, marketing and helping others succeed. In 2012 Beth founded the Simple Blogging Network because she was tired of seeing intelligent, talented bloggers getting disillusioned and frustrated because they never made a dime online. Beth hosts a 30 day blogging challenges every quarter and has helped 100s of bloggers to drive more traffic, get more social proof, more recognition and to make more money online.

Beth’s Blog

18. Mark Januszewski

Mark JanuszewskiThis blog contains more VALUABLE content that any other Network Marketing blog on the internet. More free skills that anyone will ever need and they run free courses. Life changing courses. This is the ONLY real deal for network marketers on the internet

Mark’s Blog

19. Agnes Knowles

Agnes KnowlesAgnes Knowles is a mid-age woman who thought she had her retirement in the bag. The economy tanked in 2008, immediately after she had given up a career, a home and a life to move and take care of her aging mother in another town. After Plan A, Plan B and Plan C unraveled she went on-line and there has been no looking back! Agnes now coaches other women to take charge of their own financial futures and not rely on government or big business to decide what their retirement income might look like!

Agnes’s Blog

20. Josh Garcia

Josh GarciaJosh is someone who ran several businesses from real estate to online business. Today he runs multiple online businesses. When someone ask him what kind of business should I start? He only speaks about online business since it takes a very low budget or risk to start one.


Josh’s Blog

21. Dean Black

Dean BlackMary and Dean are entrepreneurs from Atlanta Georgia. After Dean tried to recruit Mary into his primary company in 2009 they hit it off and soon married and are now both involved in building their MLM Business. They use their Mary and Dean Unleashed blog to communicate their message of Livin’ The Dream as A Team. Their blog is full of valuable information for anyone from beginners to veterans. Come by to learn marketing strategies, mindset strategies and learn all the other tools you will need.

Dean’s Blog

22. Michael Pearce

Michael PearceMichael Gene Pearce is completely different from all the other MLM Blogs!
He has broken with tradition he does not talk about Get Rich Quick, or Promote This?
He Just tells a great story from His Heart
It seams like selling you his product or Joining his Growing Business Support team is secondary to the message
‘If you want to feel Young and Health”‘ you might want to learn,
How He Survived A Widow Maker Heart Attack at 46
He’ll tell you that the “Fountain of Youth” he found can Heal

Michael’s Blog

23. Ty Tribble

Ty TribbleTy Tribble is an Internet entrepreneur and Work At Home Dad who lives in Federal Way, Washington with his wife, Richelle and two children, Emma and Tyler. Ty has been featured in Entrepreneur and Success From Home magazine and is considered by many as the # 1 blogger in the world on the subject of Network Marketing. Ty has created tens of thousands leads on the Internet by using blogging, social media and web 2.0 and loves to train others to match his online success.

Ty’s Blog

24. Jackie Ulmer

Jackie UlmerJackie is a hard working, Work At Home Mum that has built a high six figure annual income using High Tech (Internet) and High Touch (Phone) techniques. When Jackie started her family, she was faced with the decision that people face: Should you continue with your career and leave your children in someone else’s care or do you stay home and raise them yourself? She chose the latter and still pursued her desire to create an incredible lifestyle through network marketing.

Jackie’s Blog

25. Anton Amoto

Anton AmotoAnton provides massive value on his blog and helps internet network marketers and would-be entrepreneurs to get off the ground of their business and make more money by using the Internet to build their own full time income from home.

His strategy helps hundreds of people made their first income online. Why should you continue doing with your strategy that don’t really get better results?

Anton’s blog can help in getting tons of traffic, generate more leads, and more sales to your website.

Anton’s Blog

26. Marsha Godwin

Marsha GodwinMarsha Godwin started to teach other network marketers how to move their MLM Online. After becoming tired of chasing friends and family members and attending numerous hotel meetings, Marsha turned to the internet and Attraction Marketing. Once she saw the power of blogging she became committed to learning how to build a successful business online and to teach others how to do the same! Today she is a blogger, coach, product creator & trainer for one of the industry leaders.

Marsha’s Blog

27. Richard Matharoo

Richard MatharooRichard is a previously stressed out Dad, husband & rat race worker hit hard by the recession. He’d given way too much into a life of pressure, long working hours and missing out…he looked for and found a solution. In his first 5 months in MLM he earned £14377, a place on the MLSP leader board & became his company’s 5th best recruiter, all with no previous experience. Now full time in MLM his blog is packed full of useful content on exactly how real people can go from MLM Zero’s to Hero’s.

Richard’s Blog

28. Mavis Nong

Mavis NongMavis Nong created her blog to help others build successful businesses online. She shares fundamental, effective and cutting-edge strategies and tips they can implement right away to grow their businesses. She also shares mind-blowing blogging tips to help others build amazing and money making blogs fast! Mavis went from knowing nothing about blogging to becoming a highly sought after blogging expert, raking in the cash using her very own blog, in less than 8 months.

Mavis’s Blog

29. Cesar L Rodriguez

Cesar L RodriguezCesar L. Rodriguez is an 11yr Direct Sales & MLM Veteran. This past year he was voted the #2 Speaker at the No Excuses Summit 3 by attendees & his hard hitting no-nonsense no-fluff content delivery style, along with his constant comedic jokes & banter make him one of the most entertaining leaders in our industry to follow. His blog is jam packed with more FREE video trainings than almost any leader today & his Newest Prospecting & Closing Course that he gives away to his blog visitors is INSANE!

Cesar’s Blog

30. Nick Pratt

Nick PrattNick Pratt started as an SEO Consultant a few years ago. He did this whilst struggling with offline network marketing tactics. Earlier this year, Nick started the Web Traffic Lounge Blog to help people generate more leads online.
In a short space of time, the posts have received a good amount of social shares and feedback from readers. The posts have also been providing exceptional value leading to high search engine rankings: Top positions for “MLM Daily Routine” and quite a few other terms.

Nick’s Blog

31. April Marie Tucker

April Marie TuckerFrom Single Mom Serving Cocktails in a casino to now a Pro Blogger and Trainer Serving the Online Network Marketing Community since 2010.

April Marie is a industry wide Marketing Trainer, Speaker, LifeStyle Coach, Top Recruiter, MLM Hall of famer, MLSP Master Marketer & was voted 2 X Top Blogger in the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest.

April’s Blog

32. Eryn McCormick

Eryn McCormickEryn McCormick is an online marketing entrepreneur, coach and award-winning blogger. She’s on a mission to “inform, inspire and ignite” people to take action to recapture their own earning power by leveraging their own skills, talents and abilities into an online business. Eryn believes learning and earning should be fun! With her background in teaching and coaching, she has a knack for breaking things down so they’re less intimidating, simple to understand and easy for anyone to implement.

Eryn’s Blog

33. Jennifer Fong

Jennifer FongJennifer Fong’s blog provides direct sales companies and individual direct sellers and network marketers with the tools they need to use social media effectively for their businesses. A combination of “how to,” tools, and a look at what’s next, Jennifer provides you with the information you need to know about social media, specifically as it applies to direct sales. A former direct selling company CEO, Jennifer knows what it takes to build and lead a team, as well as the principles of any successful network marketing business: network, sell, and recruit. She helps direct sellers keep their priorities in order to use social media effectively as a business building tool.

Jennifer’s Blog

34. Anita Levesque

Anita LevesqueAnita Levesque teaches entrepreneurs and small business owners to leverage social media like Facebook to build their online presence, attract more leads and customers to build a profitable business. Her mission is to create educational content and guide new entrepreneurs to building their Brand online by supplying them with a step by step blueprint on how to build a successful business.


Anita’s Blog

35. Alecia Stringer

Alecia StringerAlecia Stringer is an online lead generation expert that empowers entrepreneurs to create success dreams. She shares her expertise in blogging and video marketing to lead others to success and ease through their online marketing strategies and journey. Don’t miss this rock star girl, as she has claimed a spot in the top 50 for several years.


Alecia’s Blog

36. Jacqueline Gates

Jacqueline GatesJacqueline Gates is an ex-opera singing, ex-network marketing, ex-South African who became a Goddess while working at Starbucks for $7 an hour.
She passionately believes in the power of having a Title to Step Up to and In to, is now poised to take over the world, and the minds of young women everywhere.
This blog chronicles the changes in mindset; the knee-knocking
moments of doubt and every heart-stopping leap of faith in between.

Jacqueline’s Blog

37. Jordan Schultz

Jordan SchultzJordan Schultz has been studying and learning what it takes to achieve success in the MLM/ Network Marketing Industry in the internet age for 2 years now. He’s learned a lot of things that work and a lot of things that don’t work. His blog is a resource to let you know exactly what works and what doesn’t work to build a successful business in today’s economy with today’s technology.


Jordan’s Blog

38. Bob Clarke

Bob ClarkeDr. Bob Clarke is a Part Time InterNetwork Marketer who understands the struggles faced by Part Time Marketers. His posts focus on how to be more productive with limited time, leveraging your skills and other people’s resources to maximize your results, and finding the right mentors and coaches to reduce your learning curve. Dr Bob’s pillar posts on building a highly popular blog Part Time were top rated. This blog is a Go To Resource for anyone building a business Part Time.

Bob’s Blog

39. Hale Pringle

Hale PringleDr. Hale is a real giver and an educator at heart. He is on-line every day providing answers to several groups that are insightful, sometime technical and always gentle. He has been to Webinars and live events with virtually every major leader in the Internet Marketing community. Based on this training, his education and his many years in the computer industry he is uniquely qualified to help and train. From the leaders he worked with he selected Ann Sieg as his mentor and coach.

Hale’s Blog

40. Darren Spruyt

Darren SpruytDarren Spruyt is a network marketer from Singapore and he has been marketing his business online since 2008. However, Darren did not start off in this industry without any struggles. For 3 years, Darren did not take any action in his business as he had struggled with self-belief and how much value he could offer people. Fast forward, Darren was recently labeled as a “Dark Horse” in the magnetic sponsoring product launch and now blogs about mindset, MLM lead generation & Internet marketing.

Darren’s Blog

41. Frank J Marino

Frank J MarinoSo what does the “Blues” have to do with MLM? Well the blues is everywhere! Everyone has the blues sometime or another! You see the Bluesman’s passion for playing the guitar is just as big as his passion for others succeeding! Playing an instrument takes time,consistency and commitment! Basically anyone and I mean anyone can learn how to play an instrument. But it takes commitment to succeed! That’s the Bluesman’s main focus! Mindset, the right training and leadership! Check out the Bluesman!

Frank’s Blog

42. Jeff Knowles

Jeff KnowlesJeff Knowles has been studying and learning what it takes to achieve success in the MLM / Internet Marketing Industry on the internet for 3 years now. He has a technology background and uses that expertise to talk about using the internet to build your network marketing business. His blog is a resource to let you know exactly what works and what doesn’t work to build a successful business in today’s economy with today’s technology.


Jeff’s Blog

43. Sandy Root

Sandy RootSandy Root began her online career with blogging, as a tool to market her acupuncture practice. She fell in love with her online biz & has focused on success mindset, & has recently brought that focus specifically to helping others with ‘Getting Out of Debt Mindset Tips’. Schooling for acupuncture gave her a career she loved, but with that she got into massive debt. With internet marketing, she’s begun to get herself on the road to debt-free and has a passion to help others do the same.


Sandy’s Blog

44. Ruth Alade

Ruth AladeRuth Alade has been marketing online since 2011. She is a stay at home mum and her goal is to help other mums, dads or anyone who wants to be free, escape the rat race. She offers help and direction on a variety of marketing strategies like lead generation, blogging and social media that will help any budding entrepreneur become a better marketer.


Ruth’s Blog

45. Jeff McGeary

Jeff McGearyJeff McGeary, aka “Tall Jeff,” was living the comfortable Corporate America life until a call one afternoon in 2010: “Your services are no longer needed.” A six-figure salary to zero in 30 seconds flat! Later, while sitting in a mall parking lot, he was introduced to network marketing. He got to work and built a successful “Plan B” with one word in mind: FREEDOM. Jeff now teaches, blogs and coaches others to achieve their own freedom and abundance. He is a proud Army Reserve Officer.

Jeff’s Blog

46. Joe Barclay

Joe BarclayJoe Barclay teaches everyday people how to create financial freedom by developing multiple streams of income through network marketing and affiliate marketing.

Joe has been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years, the last 10 on a full-time basis. His blog provides generic training on everything from attraction marketing and massive lead generation to effective follow up and recruiting.

Joe’s training motto is “take the fast track to success by copying what works.”

Joe’s Blog

47. Carlos Aponte Jr

Carlos Aponte JrIf you have been on the internet for any time you may have come across the name Carlos Aponte Jr. Carlos is an experienced serial marketer who has been making his mark in the network and internet marketing industry for about 20 years.

As a very successful six figure plus income earner, the founder of MassiveLifestyle Inc, and the Make It Happen video Newsletter and training site, Carlos keeps it Real and will help you win in business and in life!

by… Godfrey Thaxter

Carlos’s Blog

48. Joseph Montes

Joseph MontesJoseph Montes is a Social Media Marketing Specialist, skilled and deeply experienced with the use of social channels for business in order to drive increased consumer engagement, brand awareness, and sales.

The majority of his career has been spent in social media marketing. Social channels such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and WordPress have emerged as primary communication channels and key marketing platforms, Joseph provide strategic and tactical help!

Joseph’s Blog

49. Aurore Jones

Aurore JonesFrench born Aurore Jones is a successful online network marketer who lives in the UK with her family. Co-founder of the Mastermind Fever Group, she runs a thriving Facebook group, where the participants get challenge to step up their game by hosting their first hangouts. She won a ticket to the NES4, came #9 at the 2012 Top 50 MLM blogs, came 2nd for the Traffic Playbook referral contest, appears regularly on the MLSP leaderboard and was featured in Jessica Higdon’s last webinar.

Aurore’s Blog

50. Nicky Price

NIcky PriceNicky Price was a stifled entrepreneur until after her second child when she finally realised she was never meant to be cooped up in an office.
With a few false starts and a painful transition to online marketing Nicky made it her goal for her blog to be a safe haven from hype and information overload by creating an Internet and Network marketing blog packed full of useful, factual information and proven marketing strategies where she is often known to unleash her sense of humour too.

 Nicky’s Blog

Top Bloggers Who Deserve a Mention

Mark Halbert – (should really be in the Top 50)
Elliot Kosmicki –
Yvonne Warner –
Dale Calvert –
Ruthida Namubiru –
Malia Holleron –
Stella Scott –
Carol Lamoreaux –
Josh Parker –
Lydia Brown –
Jon R Patrick –
Kelly Fedio –
Lindsay Hack –
Pat Campbell –
Margaret Wilson –
Lucy Bieri –
Melodie Kantner –


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    This is BULL BS NONSENSE. Rob Fore is a Season SEO and blogging Veteran for well over 2 decades, but he is number 4 !!!!? Tracey Walker made her name & Fame from Blogging and they didnt even mention her, John Chow makes his 6 figures strictly from blogging, he is absent, I stopped going to Ray Higdon Blog coz its got tooooo much stuff all over the place, it never loads and it slows down my PC. Ty Tribble has been blogging for a living even before blogging became a niche, yet they tossed him to the mat. This is not an election from Votes, this IS A SELECTION and its all rigged.

    • George Fourie

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